Novel Writer’s November–Troy Wiggins

The always amazing L.M. Davis has featured me as a part of her Novel Writer’s November series! Peep the interview here:

L. M. Davis Writes

No3_3 From Fabella Meats

I first knew Troy as a reader of my Shifters Novel series, then as the author of a incisive blog on all things geek culture. In the past couple of years, Troy has also become a published author, with shorts stories in several notable collections. I wanted to interview Troy because of his perspective as an author at the beginning of his career and, as usual, he has a lot of smart thoughts to share.

You’ve acquired several pretty impressive credits to your name over the last two years, with publications in Long Hidden and Griots: Sisters of the Spear. Can you tell us a little about your stories in these collections?

No problem. A Subtle Lyric, my story in Griots: Sisters of the Spear, was my first published story. It deals with motherhood, sisterhood, and loss. In it, a girl who takes over her mother’s farm…

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