I Got Five On It: Marvel’s Black Panther

Five of my thoughts, right or wrong, on Marvel’s Black Panther.


Hot Links: A Weekly Round-Up of SFF Articles and Fiction

I ain’t talking about sausages. It’s been a long, hot month, with more life-sapping heat to come. Today, think about staying inside and reading the SFF articles and fiction that caught my eye this week. There’s not much fiction in the bunch because I’m playing catch-up, but Sofia Samatar does have a piece, titled “Tender“,…

Tyler Perry Presents: The Black Panther

EXT. WAKANDAN JUNGLE – DAY Flying over jungle, trees and rivers zoom by. The sky is very blue. After a moment, the gigantic Wakandan Royal Palace rises in the distance. It is shaped like a Panther’s head and claws. The Staple Singers – I’ll Take You There INT. WAKANDAN ROYAL PALACE – WAR ROOM –…